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Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light Lighting Up Western Stores

Square-Enix announced recently that their Final Fantasy DS spin-off Hikari no Yon Senshi: Fainaru Fantajī Gaiden which was released in Japan last year will be released in North America and Europe on October 5 and 8, respectively.

Entitled Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light focuses on a group of friends who must rescue a kidnapped princess from the evil Witch of the North. Square-Enix are marketing it as a classic RPG game that utilizes today’s technology, and this is proved by the classic, though slightly generic, plot.

Those who loved the classic Final Fantasy games (specifically Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest or Mystic Quest Legend in PAL regions, as many have compared the two titles), then you may want to hit this title up.

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Download se.kirara Free

A while back, publisher Max Factory released the eroge visual novel se.kirara for free over the internet, to the surprise of many, but later withdrew it due to concerns of plagiarism on the ‘net. However, the title is now available again for free.

As well as this, a limited edition DVD version was also released which includes a Figma figurine, which is pictured below.

You can download the visual novel here, although fluency in Japanese is advised. Now all we need is an official English release and/or fan-translation…

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 “16 uoıssıɯsuɐɹʇ”

Man this game looks set to be something special. Moreso than it’s predecessor.

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New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

This new trailer is over six minutes long and shows off some pretty coo’ stuff.

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Dragon Quest IX Confirmed for Europe

The latest in Square Enix’s popular RPG franchise Dragon Quest, second only to Final Fantasy, is set for release in Europe as well as North America, and will be hitting European shelves on July 23, less than two weeks after the game’s NA release, exclusively for Nintendo’s DS.

The plot of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky follows a city guardian who travels in search of sacred fruits, coincidentally from a sacred tree, that can grant wishes.

The game broke records when it was initially released in Japan on July 11 2009 (Exactly a year before the upcoming North American release) and helped boost DS sales by 152% within the first few weeks of release.

Look forward to this one, RPG fans!

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 13 uoıssıɯsuɐɹʇ

This new trailer showcases some awesome Rock Mario using Roll Out. … Wait, that’s not right…


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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pre-Order Bonus for UK

United Kingdom retailer HMV is including a Super Mario Galaxy 2 t-shirt as a pre-order bonus for the game.

Europe already has the pre-order tin, and now we have a t-shirt as well? Nintendo are being good to us this time.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is set for release in North America on May 23, Japan on May 27, and Europe June 11.

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Song of the Day 15/5/2010

Song of the Day Saturday 15th of May 2010 – Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Professor E. Gadd

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Song of the Day 14/5/2010

Song of the day for Friday 14th May 2010 – Final Fantasy IX Piano Collection Rose of May.

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Fable III Boxart Shown Off

I’m not much of a Fable fan, but this box-art looks pretty coo’.

Oh yeah, looks like Fable III is going to be on PC as well. apparently, Microsoft “have no plan for release of Fable III on anything other than XBOX 360 at this time” (Or words to that effect). Still, that’s a pretty awesome gun. Just sayin’.

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