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TheSpeedGamers Mario Marathon

TheSpeedGamers are back once again, in perhaps their craziest challenge yet, as they attempt to play through almost every game in the main Mario franchise over the course of one whole week, all while raising money for ACT today, Autism Care and Treatment.

The marathon will take place from Friday June 11 at 6PM Central Standard Time until the same time the following Friday June 18, exactly one week (168 hours long). Viewers will be able to interact with each other through TheSpeedGamers IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel and watch it broadcast live on TheSpeedGamers’ official website or their Ustream page. During the marathon, various commentators will be broadcasted alongside the main game stream in order to keep viewers entertained, and will be giving away various prizes to lucky donators.

TheSpeedGamers’ have been playing video game marathons for over 2 years, and have raised over $140,000 USD over the course of 17 marathons of varying length. Their busy community has been a large factor in their success. The have also made several news appearances, one of which can be viewed here.

ACT Today is a charity that provides support for families suffering from autism, and group has previously raised over $50,000 USD for the charity.

As a recap, TheSpeedGamers Mario Marathon will be taking place on June 11 2010 at 6PM Central Standard Time for 168 straight hours in order to raise money for the charity ACT Today.

TheSpeedGamers Website
ACT Today Official Website
Original Article


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