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Next LittleBigPlanet Marvel Costume Pack Hitting Tuesday

The fourth Marvel characters costume pack for LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation 3 will be available on August 17th, or next Tuesday. The Hulk, the Punisher, Storm, the Green Goblin, and Magneto will be available.



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DSi XL Goes Blue

That’s right folks, it’s another updated re-release of an updated re-release of an updated re-release of an updated re-release! Except this time it’s Blue!

The ‘Midnight Blue’ coloured DSi XL will be debuting in North America on July 11 for the price of USD $189.99, the ordinary price for XLs in the region. The release is the same date as the upcoming Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky. Thanks to Square Enix for their incredibly influence!

Anyway, with another DS re-release, it seems less likely that we will see any news on the 3DS at E3, even though it’s pretty much confirmed to be real, both by Nintendo and several of their closest developers. Or, maybe they just have so much money that Nintendo just doesn’t care anymore…

Either way, it’s blue and it looks cool. That’s all that really matters, really.

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UK Retailer Lists Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow’s Release Date

UK retailer has listed Konami’s much anticipated Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for a September 24th release date, as well as providing some box-art.

Strangely though, it only lists a PS3 version…


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Rockman Online Confirmed

Recently, rumours of an online MegaMan game have been flying around, but Capcom just confirmed these rumours as true by announcing an online action RPG for PC.

Rockman Online is described as a 3D side-scrolling action RPG with which Capcom are trying to appeal to a broader audiance than the general MegaMan fan base. X and Zero from the MegaMan X series have been confirmed as playable characters, and more are expected to follow (I’m hoping for a playable MegaMan. EXE…). And with Capcom recently trademarking MegaMan Universe overseas, it seems like the West will be getting the game. Hopefully each continent doesn’t have its own separate server.

For now, I’ll leave you with some X and Zero art, but keep checking back for more news.

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New K-ON! After School Live!! Screens Appear

New screens for the video game based on the anime series K-ON! have surfaced, and look pretty nice.

K-ON! After School Live!! is a button-tapping rhythm game for Sony’s PlayStation Portable, in the vein of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. Songs from the show will appear, and the opening and ending themes (Cagayake! Girls and Don’t Say Lazy! respectively) to the first series of the anime have been confirmed.

The game is set for a release sometime in Fall. Now we have to wait the odd year or two until the anime is dubbed in order to play it in English… *Sigh* At least the PSP is region-free.

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New Donkey Kong Remake Is Pretty Coo’

The Donkey Kong fan-remake by Retro Remakes forum member mickfarrow is pretty awesome. I had a little go at it earlier and it’s done very well. Nintendo’ll probably get rid of it soon, so get it before Nintendo do! Download it here.


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TheSpeedGamers Mario Marathon

TheSpeedGamers are back once again, in perhaps their craziest challenge yet, as they attempt to play through almost every game in the main Mario franchise over the course of one whole week, all while raising money for ACT today, Autism Care and Treatment.

The marathon will take place from Friday June 11 at 6PM Central Standard Time until the same time the following Friday June 18, exactly one week (168 hours long). Viewers will be able to interact with each other through TheSpeedGamers IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel and watch it broadcast live on TheSpeedGamers’ official website or their Ustream page. During the marathon, various commentators will be broadcasted alongside the main game stream in order to keep viewers entertained, and will be giving away various prizes to lucky donators.

TheSpeedGamers’ have been playing video game marathons for over 2 years, and have raised over $140,000 USD over the course of 17 marathons of varying length. Their busy community has been a large factor in their success. The have also made several news appearances, one of which can be viewed here.

ACT Today is a charity that provides support for families suffering from autism, and group has previously raised over $50,000 USD for the charity.

As a recap, TheSpeedGamers Mario Marathon will be taking place on June 11 2010 at 6PM Central Standard Time for 168 straight hours in order to raise money for the charity ACT Today.

TheSpeedGamers Website
ACT Today Official Website
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Other M Hitting Japan September 2

Fans of the Metroid series should be glad to hear that the series’ latest entry is set for release in the Land of the Rising Sun on September 2 2010.

Metroid Other M is a collaboration between Nintendo and famed Ninja Gaiden developer Team Ninja for Nintendo’s own Wii. The game tells the back-story of Samus Aran, the protagonist of the series, in greater detail, and introduces several new characters and a third person action-adventure gameplay style, mixed with 2D platforming and first-person shooter sequences.

Hopefully this means that the Western release isn’t too far off. I’m looking forward to this quite a bit. Keep checking back for more news on Other M.

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New Lost In Shadow Screens Surface

Siliconera got their hands on some new screens for Hudson’s upcoming Lost In Shadow for Nintendo’s Wii. And they’re pretty coo’.

Looks like a Health Bar (Left) and enemy Health Bar (Right) have been added. It’s beyond me what the eyes are for; some form of power-up perhaps? Or maybe even lives?

Keep checking back periodically for more news on Lost in Shadow.

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Tetsuya Nomura appearing at E3

The man behind the Kingdom Hearts series has been revealed to be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, along with other Square Enix boys.

Nomura is likely there to provide more information about the English release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, which has been confirmed to be appearing in the show, but may also provide some information about the anticipated Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the perhaps less anticipated Agito XIII. (Why do people always leave out Agito? I’m looking forward to it…)

At any rate, Nomura will be providing information on something, and we may see some mention of Kingdom Hearts III, which has been confirmed to be in pre-production. Keep checking back during E3, June 15-17 2010, for more news.

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